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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A new wheel??

I have seen a few sideways-knit sock patterns. I have never been too intrigued. But, Nona of Nonaknits has recently "re designed the wheel". She was not overly thrilled with the patterns she had found, and has created her own version. She posted the preliminary information yesterday, and encouraged us to swatch in preparation for the first installment of her "Sidewinders" sock pattern. So, her you have it:

While I am pretty much knitting blindly, I trust that this is eventually going to be a sock! In it's current state, there is a 8 stitch deep double garter stitch ribbed cuff, going down into a Stockinette leg and foot. The back of the leg has a garter section, hugging the ankle. There is a little short row shaping for the calf. The mitered area is the heel section. The toe will "magically" appear during tomorrow's progress (Hope so anyway!)

While I cannot compare this to any of the other sideways patterns, it is fun, interesting, and a good diversion to my "normal" knitting. Her instructions are very well written and concise. The yarn is a crazy Opal, that I think was one that originally had the sideways pattern included in it's ball band. (I don't read German, but I think it is.)

On another note: Sofee sends her thanks for all the nice comments she has received during the last few days. She is not very interested in this new sock technique, and appears to be catching up on her sleep today.

"Yeah, right mom. I just know if I wake up, you'll make me go "out" in the rain!"


Anonymous said...

The "Sideways" sock looks very tricky to me but I know you can do it. I am keeping the instructions in case I decide to try it later.
Could Sofee be pretending to sleep so she doesn't have to go out in the rain?(LOL) No, I am sure she is just catching up.

Jennifer said...

I totally do not get this sideways sock concept - I'll be eagerly awaiting your progress! I am always impressed by these "leap-of-faith" techniques, like the Baby Surprise jacket, and clearly you are brave enough to tackle them! Cute, cute picture of Sofee!

Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

I'm excited to watch your sideway sock progress. I don't think I'm up to that much adventrue just now. ; )

Sofee is just adorable!

pat said...

I'm so glad you're doing the Sideways sock! I printed off the first installment 2 days ago, but realize there is no way I can add this sock right now, so I will enjoy watching yours!

nonaKnits said...

Great job with your Sidewinders -- I think they look best with stripey yarn like yours. In the next Act, you'll get to create the toe using paired increases! Thanks for joining in on the fun.

KnittySue said...

She is sooo cute I can't get enough of her. Your new sock technique looks great too. Good luck I can't wait to see the progress.