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Saturday, August 11, 2007


The back is finished!

Seems like it has taken a long time, and apparently I failed to document the day on which I started this sweater. Looking at my post dates, it must have been Aug 3rd, so a week. Guess that is not too bad. I am still enjoying it, but would also like to start a pair of socks, so we'll see.

I have wound a skein of Cherry Tree Hill - burgundy color for the current Six Sox KAL selection, "I Love Gansey Sock". It is a beautiful sock pattern, one that I know I will enjoy making.

The Iowa State Fair is in session. Wish the heat/humidity would ease up - for just one day! It's traditional fair weather, but oh so nasty! I would like to go to the fair...but not on a sweltering hot day. Perhaps there will be a break soon..... (perhaps)

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