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Sunday, September 09, 2007

And....it's a sweater!

I think we need to take a class in photography! My poor DH took quite a few shots, and really none were very good. I think it is too sunny, or something?? But - it is a sweater, none the less. And a very soft and scrunchy one to boot! My first experience with a cotton blend yarn. I have always avoided cottons, but this was pure pleasure. The stats: The pattern is "Cool Coral" by Kathy Zimmerman from an old issue of Knitter's - Spring 1998. The yarn is Web's ValleyYarn's Long Meadow - "Melon" colorway. It may not be very stylish by today's standards, but it is exactly the type of light, airy, sweater that I wanted to create. One to wear in movie theaters and chilly restaurants - during summer months. I am sure I will get lots of wear out of it.

And, of course, Sofee had to get into the photo shoot. If she looks a little "stoned" it's probably because she is! She is getting lots of rest - if nothing else!!

And, another good book recommendation. I started this one last night, a grabber from page one!We are going to take in a dog show this afternoon - but don't tell Sofee. She would be totally offended if she knew - she is FAR from "show quality" and thinks the whole concept is ridiculous!! Then later tonight and tomorrow, I have to really push it - I need to get my I Love Gansey socks (both) completed to the gusset. That is where the pattern becomes a little less hectic - and more "doable" for the hospital waiting room. Hope I manage.

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