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Friday, October 12, 2007

Back to blogging...

We have just returned from a little road trip. We spent a few days in Chicago - doing the museum and other typical touristy types of things. Then went up North to Door County in Wisconsin. While we were visiting Chicago in the middle of an unusual heat wave.....by the time we got to Wisconsin, it was cool and crisp typical October weather again. Ahhhh.....!! Love this time of year. The colors were gorgeous in Wisconsin. DH has all the trip photos in his camera, and I will post some shortly.

The good thing about road trips is that it allows knitting time, if it's mindless knitting anyway. I did a great deal of that.

The Double knit hat for DH is finished, and he really likes the way it fits.

But, I could not bring myself to knit another double knit one. So, this one is a twisted rib hat. It is to go with the Glittens...same colors at least. Hope it fits!! We'll see on Christmas day. I made it 9.5 inches long to allow for a generous turn-up. Double thickness over the ears will be warm.

And, the model: Sofee's Cookie jar. He makes a pretty good model actually! Sofee thinks he's an even better cookie holder!!

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