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Friday, October 19, 2007

"Why not?"....

There is definitely something wrong with this photo! Can you see it? Yes, that's right....Circular needles!!! OH MY!! Regular readers will know that I am a DPN devotee - Pony Pearls to be exact - for socks anyway. Guess I was just in a "Why not?" mood when I read thru the beginning of this pattern, and saw that the directions were written for circs. I am a little clumsy, and I think I might prefer 24" instead of the 16" that I had on hand, but I am adapting. Shirley - are you proud of me?? :)
The pattern is "Merino Lace Socks" by Anne Woodbury from Interweve's "Favorite Socks". I had not given this pattern a second glance until I recently saw a completed pair by Grumperina. Then I had to revisit the book. A very nice pattern, although the photo in the book does not do justice to it at all. (neither does my photo actually, but check out Grumperina's - (October 14th post) - beautiful!
The large lace panel will run down the front and back of the sock. These are out of Opal, and hopefully will be a birthday gift - if sizing is adequate when they are done. (No Anna, not for you). It's a fun knit too, so if an first you were not impressed by the pattern, I would encourage you to revisit it.

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