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Saturday, January 26, 2008

New additions this week:

To my book collection- The "Book of Yarn" and "Knitting Ganseys" were technically from my mom for Christmas. She gave me a Barnes and Noble gift card which I used for these books. Funny - at the same time I ordered mine, my daughter ordered a copy of the Gansey book for me. So, I went from a borrowed library copy to 2 copies of my own. Terrific daughter though!

The Aran book was a gift from a dear friend. Thanks again "dear friend". :) I cherish my knitting books and all three of these will bring me many hours of joy and entertainment.

New to the CIC sweater collection is this "Snakes and Ladder" gansey from the above Gansey book. Following the lead of Marguerite, while the pattern specifies sport weight yarn, I am knitting mine in worsted weight - on size 3 and 4 needles. The gauge is much tighter than that of the "Jerod's Gansey". I like it much better actually. Makes me want to knit an adult size for myself. Perhaps....

I am enjoying this purple yarn also. It's a happy color! Which brings me to a thought. I was browsing thru Ravelry the other day, and realized that almost all of my projects have earned a happy face from me. Hmmm.... Not that all of my projects come out so terrific, but I guess most of them do make me happy. I just totally enjoy the knitting process itself. That's a good thing in my book...a happy thing!

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