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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Another pair of worsted weights.

These will be going to the Mittens for Akkol yahoo group. Their current challenge is for large socks, 10" to 11.5" in length. Their goal is 170 pairs by March 31st. My assistance in meeting that goal will be admittedly small, but I imagine every pair completed helps. This is my 2nd so far, and I hope to do a pair in each of Feb and March.

These are just a generic pattern from my head. 48 count on DPNS size US4. Patons classic Merino wool. Basic socks are just plain fun to knit - even large ones. These measure out at 10.75 inches heel to toe. DH actually tried them on and looked somewhat longly as I took them from him and told of their intent. He has his own.....

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