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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Finished and getting ready....

The sleeping sacque is finished. I made a little "inchworm" stuffed toy to slip into the chest pocket. Perhaps a good imagination is needed for that.... Anyway, stats are:

"Modernest Stripe Sleep Sacque" from Bohoo Baby Knits by Kat Coyle. It is knit of BrownSheep's Cotton Fleece on size 5 needles. It was somewhat boring, and to break it up, I chose to knit this continental style. It is not my normal way of knitting, but I can do it. I always think I should practice more, and it would eventually become my norm...and I would be a better knitter for the effort. Not sure that's true, not sure it will ever happen. I am just not that comfortable with Continental style...it just seems wrong to me. Probably whichever technique you learned initially is the most normal for you.
I am not normally a glitter girl. But for some reason I wanted some pretty stitch markers for my mystery lace shawl project. So...being the frugal person that my father raised - off to Michaels I did go.
Each little bag of crystal beads made 9 markers. 8 "normal" and 1 a little different. I think I like them. It was fun, once I got the hang of it.
Sorry the photo isn't that great... but you get the idea.

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