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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

While I was away....

Wow! Another week has zipped by. I have been lax in posting, but I really have been busy. This is Baby Garrett's sleeping sack.... almost finished. It will have a pocket on the front, complete with a little soft toy. Soon...it will be finished. I hope!
Yesterday at "work" I started a pair of socks for my mom. She has been asking for "spring colored"socks. This was a ball of Tofutsies that we had in the bin. In a weak moment, I succumbed to temptation. (I had several skeins in my stash at home that would have worked.) This has a bit of cotton in it, so hopefully they will be nice summer socks for her. It has been quite awhile since I made a pair of socks, and so far it is enjoyable. I am trying not to stress over size. Shirley suggested that I worry too much... imagine that?? (I agree with her )I have signed up for a Mystery Lace KAL. Did I mention having weak moments of late?? The swatch chart was posted a few days ago. I have yarn on order, but to test the stitch pattern, I knit with some KnitPicks Alpaca cloud lace wt that I had on hand. It came out a wee big, but at least the pattern is present. I plan to knit another swatch this afternoon with the correct yarn...hopefully with more success. I am excited about this KAL. I think it will be fun! I am not a lace knitter, so I am sure I will be challenged.
Hmmm....seems I have broken my "one thing at a time" rule with all these projects, haven't I? Each seems to have it's own time and place in my knitting schedule. So - so far I am keeping everything balanced. We'll see how long that lasts..... I have joined a knitting group also. We are meeting weekly at a local coffee shop. A small group so far, but it is fun and hopefully will grow a bit.

And, I have discovered knitting podcasts. Yes, I know...nothing new! But I had just never gone there. So to encourage me to walk more, I allow myself to listen to them only while out walking.... So far it's working - if only the weather would cooperate. Suggestions for good podcasts would be welcome. (thanks)
On the Sofee front, she is doing fine. I am dreading her "seasonal allergies" but so far, no sign of them. She had dropped from 4.2 LB down to 3.8 LB due to change in food and discontinuance of dog treats (test change to hypoallergenic diet). I have her back up to 4LB now. That's a good thing - at least we are moving in the right direction. The vet technician laughed, stating that rarely do they find a patient needing to gain weight. LOL! (Guess dogs and people are alike in that respect.)

On the Baby Garrett front, I hope he is practicing his "Grandma wave" as we speak! They are having one of the new 3-D ultrasounds this Friday. I have been invited to go along....COOL!! I feel a little like the 3rd wheel - but I have been assured that it is not an intrusion. So...I am so excited to see the little guy! I just know he's going to wave to me...... :) And smile pretty too of course!

So, that's life in a nutshell. Even if a little cracked.....

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