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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Plain (off) white socks

How are these for basic socks? No frills or fluff here....but I really like them. Hope mom does too. I think she will. She likes to cuff her socks. Suppose she has a poodle skirt tucked away somewhere??
There are 68stitches with a 2x2 ribbed 6" cuff. An Eye of Partridge heel, with a garter stitch border. I knit them with 2.25mm pony pearls dpns. They are made from the new Cascade Heritage Sock yarn. They are butter soft. I couldn't be more pleased, nor could I have enjoyed the process any more. Exactly what a nice knitting project should be! I will be on the hunt for more of this yarn. It was only $12 for a generous skein - and oh so soft and nice to work with!

I decided to go for pair number 3 for mom. I am hoping to at least get one sock done. I had a couple of false starts this morning, but I think I am on the right path now. Going to use up a skein of the original Opal Petticoat that I have in my stash. Trying to get a "feather and fan" type of pattern worked out. Sizing is a bit of an issue.... hope I'm on the right track.

I checked the dove's nest. Still only 2 eggs, so twins it must be! Perhaps there will be room in the inn for two of them.....

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