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Sunday, June 15, 2008

A little stock tip....

buy "Babies R Us" stock! Have you seen that place - and all the "stuff" that every baby needs!! This is the stroller part of the "Travel System" for BG. DD bought it for me, UPS delivered it for me, Grandpa assembled it for me, And..... Sofee tried it out! Now I admit it was my idea for her to jump in the cargo area.... but I had no idea how much she would seem to enjoy it. I think "walks" may have a new meaning soon.
Later in the day, she disappeared....and this is where I found her. This could be a whole new marketing gimmick for the company - "cargo/canine" compartment. Now I better figure out all the bells and whistles....

On the knitting front:
I just finished Pattern #3 of the Summer Sampler Stole. This pattern is my favorite so far! It was fun to work up, and I really like the appearance. I am anxious to see what real blocking will do to these patterns.
It's going to be a long wait till next weekend, when Pattern 4 comes out. I think there are 12 in total. Such fun!

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