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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Goals being met.....

I finished up my final pair of "Big Kid's" socks for the current sock drive for "Mittens for Akkol". As you can see - pretty basic, ribbed socks. They are made from wool WW, and hopefully will be warm for some "big kids". They will be shipped off soon....
And these four pairs of mittens will join 3 others (2 are the snowmen mitts) when they get shipped off to the latest "CIC" mitten drive. They also are 100% wool, so my decision as to where I would send them stemmed on what organization was most receptive of "handwash" knits. Somehow I have a problem knitting "warm" garments out of acrylic yarns.....so they get wools from me. Usually well received. This brings my total to 13 charity items for this year so far. My 2008 goal of an average of one item per month has been met. Sad that I knit so much, yet have so few charity items. Perhaps next year I will double my goal.

And, on the Sleeve front:
They are coming along nicely. I dislike knitting sleeves, so I usually knit them 2 at a time. Funny - I never have "second sock syndrome" but somehow that second sleeve is just Sooooo painful. I have discovered that if I pin them together and use different colored markers on each side, it helps me remember in what direction I am traveling. I have been know to get distracted and knit back on one sleeve, skipping sleeve number 2. Since my arms are equal lengths, well....not a good look for me!

I think I will get the knitting done with St Brigid, and ready to block and sew this week. But probably not today. BG is on his way to grandma's house, and there are far better things for me to do than sit and knit!! Hopefully the next time you see this brown yarn though, it will be in a completed sweater!

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