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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween.......

From the two little spooks at my house!and....
Sofee still gets top billing around here.... we DO have to live with her, after all!

As for the knitting.... I am making progress on the Selbuvotter gloves. I hope to finish this first one today. Obviously, I have the thumb left. So far, the fit is just perfect. I had hoped that I could gift them to my mom for Christmas, and I think the sizing is going to be just perfect! There are some issues with the charts in the book. Even though I am working from the Errata, well the errata needs an errata. (lol) I "made" it work, however....which probably continues the tradition of the historic pattern, now that I think about it. I just hope the 2nd glove will match.... sometimes my notes are not as adequate as they should be.

On a more personal note....three good news items came across my desk yesterday. (In these days...we need good news, don't we!!). 1st, my DH got a good report from his cardiologist. We are approaching the 2 year anniversary of his heart attack, and things seem to be going pretty good for him!!! 2nd, DD got a nice job promotion! Way to go BG's mom! and 3rd, our son will be coming home for Christmas! He is low man at his clinic, so he had last choice of holiday vacation. Guess the stars were all aligned correctly for our family yesterday!

Wishing good star alignment for all of you..... and happy knitting too! Kiss your little spooks tonight, and have a safe celebration.

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