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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Old friends.....

I knit with a small group of ladies at a local coffee shop on Thursday evenings. It has become something that I look forward to, and enjoy immensely. Last week there was a short discussion (nonjudgmental) about people being somewhat stuck in their ways.... (dpns vs circs for socks....that sort of thing). There I sat! Egg on my face. Yep - I prefer dpns for socks, although I have experienced the newer methods. I even prefer my old love...Pony Pearl dpns. I am not ashamed! LOL.

Anyway...cables....with or without the use of a needle? My mom taught me how to do cables as a very young child. She used the hook "On the short end, off the long end". I often hear her words as I do cables. (I sometimes travel to unusual places as I knit). I have the other (short/straight) needles, but still prefer the hooks. And although I have tried the new "cables without cable needles" - well there I am - stuck in my old ways again.

So....to mainly prove that I can be (somewhat) flexible (occasionally), I knit these: without the use of a cable needle. Did I love it?.... well, it was ok. Was it faster?....perhaps. But I imagine I'll be keeping my old friends - ya never know when an old friend will come in handy! Hmmm - and as I re-read this post, perhaps it is just that I am an "old" knitter. Could be!

This pattern is Cozy Cabled Mittens (Ravelry link) knit out of Brown Sheep Nature Spun worsted weight (still stash diving) on size 8 needles. They are a tad large for my hands, so if I were to knit them for myself, I would drop down to a size 7 needle. It is a fun project, with or without friends!

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