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Monday, October 20, 2008

Same ole - same ole..... with a smile!

This is another "Amanda"(Ravelry link) out of the rest of the skein of Araucania Natures Wool, Worsted Weight. Amanda is a very fun pattern to work up.
This is a "no pattern" hat - just made up out of my head. It is a cast on of 77 stitches, a small rolled brim (a purl row added to control rib). Makes for a nice warm hat. I made a similar one last year for myself. This is out of Araucania Nature's Wool, Chunky weight. It's a hand dyed yarn, so the variation in dye is quite noticable.
These mittens are of the same yarn - same dyelot, but has some lighter dye spots. They "match" but not really..... vbg. This pattern is from the current Vogue Knitters magazine, pattern name "Yellow Harvest" Be forewarned - there is errata for this pattern. They were a little tight around the wrist, but are fine once blocked. It was a fun and quick project.

And to offset the "serious" photo of BG last week, here is one to give you a bit of a smile:

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