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Monday, November 03, 2008

OK....so I am half-way out of my box.

For the last few days, I have spent waaaaayyyyyy too much time knitting scarf swatches. All of the patterns that I tried were a big disappointment to me. The beautiful colors in this yarn just melted all together and got "muddy". I suppose it is because the color lengths are so short. So...yes, back to my off-white love affair. In my eyes, it brightens up the colors, and lets them sing! You can all smile and shake you head......I totally understand. But, even my DH said "that looks more like you" when I asked his opinion. He knows me all too well...... :)

This is actually a Horizontal Herringbone stitch pattern that I found in "The Arco guide to Knitting Stitches". All of those striped scarfs that I did last year (aka Brooklyn Tweed influence) surfaced to give me the striping idea. I actually like it.....

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