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Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Capital A for...... well, you know!

Yes - they are finished, and the stripes match. This is the correct coloration, btw. They are not black. Vintage Regia, 66 st, 5/1 ribbing, on 2.5mm (US 1 1/2) Harmony DPNS. My own basic vanilla sock pattern. Thanks to Marguerite for the 5/1 ribbing inspiration.

Thanks so much for you opinions. It was fun to keep a tally. (Also fun to hear from new people ...welcome, all you little mice in the corners!) With few exceptions, you are free-spirited folks, who do not worry about minor things such as matching stripes. I would like to think that I embraced the challenge...rather than just being that anal about things. But..... ??

The 2nd sock has 3 joins in it. I have never had problems matching socks before. At first glance, the pattern repeat looks very simple - but look again...only one place where there is three white stripes and one brown stripe. I actually had to use some of the 1st skein combined with the 2nd skein to make them match. Neither skein had any knots in it or anything..... not really sure why it was so difficult.

I don't know who these will eventually go to, but they will probably be gifted. Had I planned on keeping them myself, I would have been ok with mismatched socks. No - Really! Really..... I'm, not kidding.... NO! FOR REAL!!!!! ;)

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