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Sunday, January 25, 2009

What's a girl from Chihuahua, Mexico doing in Iowa anyway???

I wonder about this quite often. My bathroom was once again covered with several inches of fresh snow this morning. And, in my excitement of telling the big dog next door exactly WHO is TOP DOG in the neighborhood, I haphazardly jumped in snow all the way up to my back! And the darn rabbits are spending their time under my air-conditioner.... just looking out at me with little rabbitty smirks on their faces!!!! Yikes, will spring ever come?So - I rest a great deal....and dream of summer - warm sunshine and an entire back yard at my disposal.... a WARM back yard. My territory will have to be retaken from the wildlife, and my neighborhood status reaffirmed. Hmmm.... that could be quite fun now that I think about it.

Besides the cold, there is that BABY! I like him just fine, but sometimes he looks at me like he would love to grab me, squeeze me, poke at me, and chew (and he has 2 teeth now!) on me!!! Mom assures me that it won't really happen, but they sure love that baby...... (They still love me too, so I imagine it will all be just fine in the end.) Mom knows along with being TOP DOG, I am TOP BABY too. Well, perhaps I shouldn't test that theory........But, along with the baby, Herky gets to come to our house every Friday. I really LOVE that! So, I guess the baby thing isn't ALL bad! Mom put a little plastic gadget on the hole where the hot air comes out, and it shoots hot air right into my kennel. I LOVE that!!!! Whenever the furnace comes on, I run to my kennel as fast as I can. Last Friday, Herky and I had a contest each time.....to see who got the best seat in my kennel (closest to the plastic gadget). My brother never learns....I am TOP DOG around here - I got the best seat, either fairly, or - I just took it! He is usually a nice big brother and lets me have my way!!! Yes, I know...I am spoiled! But what's a girl from Chihuahua, Mexcio supposed to do in Iowa, anyway???? if not be TOP DOG!

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