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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

White and grey......

Thanks to everyone for the kind comments about the new blog look. I think I will give this a chance to grow on me. Sofee's photo in the header is a couple of years old, and it reminds me that she is aging. She has lots of white in her head, and facial area now. The Veterinarian says it is not due to old age, but that as a dog matures, they lighten in color - her white is "light" not "old". Hmmmm - not sure I buy that, but at least my Vet is a kind man - trying to make me feel better. She will be 4 years old this summer - not an "old" dog by any means. Too bad I can't use that theory on myself....I'm not getting old, I am getting "lighter". LOL...Wish that was true in more ways than one!

But...back to the knitting aspect of this blog.....

I have my first 2009 FO ready for sharing. My son's snowboarding socks are finished. One might wonder what makes them "snowboarding" socks. Absolutely nothing - except that is what he asked for. I did make the leg 8.5" long, to accommodate the boots. I am guessing that might be a good thing to do. But...they are wool socks, and he didn't want heavy ones. So.... Hope these make him happy. They are out of an older skein of Opal (ball band lost long ago) knit on 2.25 dpns. This time I used Knitpicks Harmony 6" dpns - not pony pearls. They have 72 stitches, 2" ribbed cuff, the rest plain knit. The Opal skeins are so generous, even with the larger size and longer legs I had a sufficient ball of left-overs - and no worries. I also had to waste a fair amount in order to match the stripes. These will be heading to New Mexico soon. I made a fun little sock wrapper for them. He doesn't expect them, so hopefully it will be a happy surprise.

And this morning, I cast on for my Son In Law's pair. He does expect them, but I still hope he'll be happy when he receives them. CIC has just announced their Jan/Feb project - wool socks for the little kids - age 1-6yrs. I may have to take a break from Grey yarn to make a few pairs of happy little socks for the kids! They go so fast, are a great way of using up left overs, are so much fun to make, and not to mention -- warming up some little toes is always a good cause. Kind of warms up your heart too, so..... if anyone is so inclined -- I am sure your help would be welcome. CIC - Children In Common.

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