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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

On a cold wintery day.....

Having a warm pair of wool socks is a good thing. These will go home with BG this evening....to keep his daddy's toes warm. They were knit from a skein of Regia sock yarn (one more from the stash!) 72 stitches on 2.5mm Harmony DPNS - toes on 2.25mm. 6/2 ribbing. Nothing fancy.... just as requested. It was a fun knit....especially knowing they would be appreciated!

And I have started on another toe-warming project. For the little kids for CIC. I don't have a goal in mind.....we'll see how my enjoyment meter ticks...... And, for the cutest "warm toes" of all. What better than a warm bath! BG continues to delight me on a daily basis! And he thinks I'm pretty darn entertaining too. Nothing like a silly grandma to make a little guy giggle! Being a grandma....by FAR the best part of growing older! Who would have guessed it could be this much fun!

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