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Sunday, February 01, 2009

And, once again......

These socks went home with my Son-in-Law last night. He seemed pleased. He is always polite and gracious -- like a good Son-in-Law should be! (He will probably come to regret having ever asked for socks. LOL!) As the previous pair, they are from a vintage skein of Regia. 72st on 2.50mm needles, toes done on 2.25mm. The blue is much more muted and grey than in the photo. I know....I am a lousy photographer.

Yesterday, I made a stop at our local library. Usually I research and pre-order the books that I want to borrow. But not this time.....
This morning, I was quite thrilled to realize that I had accidentally picked up a very entertaining read! I am not familiar with this author, but apparently she has several other books. She lists them as being historical novels. Also, there is a sequel to this one coming out this summer. It will be a "must read" for me, I do believe! This book is "A Single Thread".

And, this little lovely came to me in the mail one day last week from my sister who lives in Idaho. Isn't that the most adorable little metal bookmark! While my sister does not knit, she is a ferocious reader and book lover. I have heard her mention a slight desire to pick up needles and yarn of late, however. Hope she does give it a whirl..... we can always use a new recruit.

I'll be sitting and knitting yet another mindless pair of socks later this afternoon.....and cheering on the Arizona Cardinals and of course, Kurt Warner! Sorry Steeler's fans..... I just LOVE a cinderella story!

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