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Saturday, April 25, 2009

All is good.......

First off, I must tell everyone that Herky is back to normal! Thanks for the well wishes, and messages of concern. He spends Fridays here with Sofee, and last week it was a warm spring day. A Chi's work is never done - here he is watching guard over BG. Sofee is a good distance away.....on squirrel duty. BG is obviously safe!

More good news is that I have my gansey completed! And, I really REALLY like it. It fits perfectly (no modeled photo, as DH is not available today. I tried a photo, and actually got some stitch definition showing, so you get photos today. I learned so much with this project, not the least of which was that I could actually knit a sweater without a pattern, and have it fit me, as planned. (Swatch...Swatch...Swatch!) And also....that sleeves don't HAVE to be boring! Of course, all the credit goes to Beth Brown-Reinsel and her book "Knitting Ganseys". She makes the entire process easy and enjoyable. Just follow the directions, fill out the work sheet, and get to knitting...... It is probably the most rewarding project I have ever made!I picked traditional stitch patterns to use, and with the exception of using two colors, I think it is pretty true to tradition. I used a channel island cast on, which was new to me, but very substantial and long wearing. It has underarm gussets also. I guess the fit is not too traditional, as it is over sized - and traditionally they were somewhat snug. I will wear this as a jacket type of sweater, and wanted it a little big. The neckline also is almost (but not quite) boat-like, as I will probably wear a turtle neck underneath, and I didn't want anything tight. This Scottish yarn may be a little itchy.... and I wanted room for a barrier garment around my neck. It also has my initials knit in the bottom. "Tradition" once more. It will help to identify the body in case I am killed while out a-knitting (since I never go out fishing). (Color is not correct in this photo, but wanted to capture the initials).

I do have one regret. As I knit along, making a few changes as I went, I found myself making bands of seed stitch (or is it moss stitch).....and the cuffs are seed stitch also. I wish the bottom welt was seed stitch instead of garter stitch. But...all things considered, one regret isn't too bad, I guess.

So.... new projects are on my needles, or in my head - soon to be fulfilled, I hope.

Summer will be here soon, and I managed to find a little pool (and I do mean little) for BG to play in this morning. I wanted one so small that I could sit and reach across it to grab him, just in case grandma needed too. Teeny ones are hard to find. And, of course some bath toys, that will be pool toys for him this summer. Should be fun days "at the pool" ahead.
Take care everyone....... Be back in a few!

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