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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Catching up.....

Wow! It's been two weeks since I lasted posted to this blog. Where did those 14 days go??? We are all fine here - just busy (I guess??) Somehow it seems the time just flies by, especially in the spring......

We went to Pella, Iowa today, for their annual Tulip festival. Not wanting to be left behind, Sofee gladly got into her travel kennel. I take the carrier, just in case we go in someplace where she might not be openly welcome. At outdoor events, she walks or is carried when foot traffic is heavy and she is in jeopardy of being stepped on. She gets lots of attention....and I think she enjoys it. I heard "chihuahua" in the middle of many foreign languages today.....people talking about her -- and obviously there is only one word for "chihuahua". vbg. No, I didn't take my camera. These are just a few tulips that I actually have blooming in my own yard. Not quite as impressive as the massive beds of color that we saw today, but pretty none the less.

And, before I forget....Happy Mother's Day to all of those moms out there! I always remember my first mother's day. We picked up our son at the Minneapolis airport, having arrived from Korea with several other babies and children - joining their new American families. He arrived on Saturday, the day before Mother's day! Nice gift, huh!

This year, I am blessed with my first grandson, BG, who gave grandma an orchid, (probably with a little help from momma.)
And, so did Sofee, (with a little help from dad) but this is a totally different kind. It is much smaller, but it has a 2nd spike of buds coming, which will be fun to watch open.
I know very little about orchids, but the one that my husband gave me for Valentines day held it's blooms till about 2 weeks ago. I am hoping that I can learn how to care for them, and perhaps even have them bloom again. I have several books on Orchids ordered from our library.

On the knitting front, I am coming along quite nicely with the Classic Lines Cardigan. I am ready to join the sleeves and the body (at the underarm point) and start with the raglan decreases. Eventually I will have to cut the entire front of the cardigan open...... something I have NEVER done before. There will be some practice swatches cut first, I promise you that.

So - knitting update photos will be coming soon. Hopefully this coming week. I am also working on my Noro Silk Garden socks. Soon..... (hopefully).

take care - k

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