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Monday, April 13, 2009

An update:

If you see this dog, please.....secure your garbage containers - quick! This, of course, is Herky, Sofee's big brother (my DD's dog). Last week he gave us a HUGE scare. You see, he is a garbage diver, and on Sunday, the 11th, he had a garbage "event" while his humans were away. And boy....did they have one sick pup on their hands! He was deathly ill for nearly a week, and one day away from "exploratory surgery" when he turned the corner and started feeling/acting better. Whew....we were all terribly concerned. Welcome back, Herky! Sure hope you've learned a lesson this time.

So, on the knitting front..... My Gansey front/back is blocking/drying. Not sure why, but I wanted to block it before adding the sleeves. As you can see, I brought some of the Apricot yarn up across the shoulders, and I plan on making the rolled collar apricot. Hope that is not a mistake. Sizing and fit is right on so far, so still hoping for a pleasant outcome with this one.

On a recent road trip, I finished up a pair of socks.These are my 5/1 ribbed plain jane pattern, knit of one of the new Opal "Memories" colorway. color #2491. Again, an enjoyable knit and a wearable sock. On the same road trip, I started a new pair of socks out of Noro Silk Garden sock yarn. Totally different from Opal.....TOTALLY!

And, while the gansey is drying, I started swatching for my next (big) project.
Very subtle striping.....can you see it. (The top 3 contrasting rows were an experiment using other colors - not going to be used in the sweater). This is a KAL and free pattern offered by Knitpicks. It is knit of lace weight yarn, 2 strands held together, and every 6th row, a 3rd strand of contrasting lace weight is added in. It gives a very wispy, subtle striping. My contrasting yarn is not very (contrasting that is) so the affect is even more subtle that would otherwise be. I think I really like it! The weight of the fabric is drapey and wonderful. I am excited to get this started. I am even happy just swatching.....go figure???

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