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Monday, May 11, 2009

This one's for the quilters out there.....

A long, long time ago (say, 29-30 years ago) I was a quilter. As BG is needing a little larger area on which to play, I searched for a larger play blanket, and found this quilt that I had made for my son's first twin sized bed.The blocks were machine appliqued (just solid zig-zag stitching - nothing fancy wayyyyy back then), with all of the quilting done by hand. Each corner block was a railroad crossing sign.

The top center block was the engine, and each block had a different car of the train. I guess it really is pretty crude, but at the time I thought it was perfect for his "big boy" bed. And, perhaps BG will enjoy playing on it when he is a little older - and knows about trains.

And, here is the promised knitting photo:The raglan shoulder shaping seems to be moving along quite quickly! Right up the center there....that's where the scissors will be traveling ...... soon! YIKES!!!! Give me strength.......!!!!

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