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Monday, June 29, 2009

Big event!

It was a big weekend for our family. BG celebrated his 1st birthday yesterday!! WOW....shortest year in my entire life, I do believe. He was too busy eating - no birthday smile right now! He certainly seemed to enjoy his first sugary treat. Momma got a carrot cake for him, trying for a tad healthier.
He's truly a little man....along with last week's remote ownership, he now has a workbench, complete with "power" tools. Another "tool man" in the making! Grandpa couldn't resist this!

As for the spinning wheel, he has been spinning!This 4 oz Merino roving, was spun onto two (hopefully equal) bobbins. This is one of Erica's famous "Fugly" rovings. "Ooppsadoodles" would probably be a kinder name. I think they are the ones that don't turn out quite as expected, so she brings them to TNKG for the newbie spinners to play with. So far they have produced beautiful results, and I hope my effort is no exception. We'll see how the plying process goes. I think some spots are overspun, and others underspun. I'll be back later with the finished yarn..... or mess, whichever I produce...... :)

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