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Monday, June 29, 2009

It's not perfect.......but it's yarn!

I think this may be a first. Two posts in one day......
First, I have to tell you about this Kniddy Knoddy. I needed one, and looked at several while at the MW Weaver's conference last Saturday. But...didn't find the perfect one. Then I stopped at Abi Hutchison, High Prairie Fiber's booth. I bought some fiber from her, and asked if she had any kniddy knoddys. She did indeed! She had several. She explained that she and her husband (i think) are involved in a Parrot Rescue program. The parrots come to them in cages with wooden perches. Since natural branches are better for the birds, she said they immediately change their perches for branches and the wooden perches are re-worked into spinning/weaving tools. Proceeds from the sale of these tools go to fund the Parrot Rescue program. I thought that was such a nice idea......so I have a parrot friendly kniddy knoddy. Size was right, price was right, and it even has a leather strap to capture the loose end....making winding easier. I love it! Not sure, but I would guess this to be a worsted weight. Average out to be anyway. Some are thinner than others, obviously. I got 188 yards of 2 ply out of 4oz. I love it, and dare anyone to call it fugly! LOL!

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