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Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's a beautiful thing......(no, not my feet)

On my last post, I had started a pair of footies for myself, but was unsure if I was going to have adequate yardage. Good news is that I DID have enough yarn....with about 6" to spare no less!
So, here they are.....they are just perfect for wearing while I treadle my new:Spinning wheel! The Midwest weavers conference was held in Grinnell, Iowa this weekend. So within an hour's drive was a vendor's mall open to the public, complete with spinning wheels. My son attended Grinnell college, so it was kind of fun to make the road trip back to Grinnell. My knitting friend, Karen, went with me, and along with the conference vendors,we discovered a nice quilt shop (Grinnell Fiberworks) and a great little cafe for lunch. It was hot, but other than that, a very pleasant day.

After hours and hours of online research, I had it narrowed it down to two different wheels. I had decided on either the Kromski Sonata (more traditional in appearance) or the Lendrum. Both are folding wheels with user friendly reputations. My heart was really leaning towards the Kromski, as I loved the old-world look, and it was available with a walnut stain. But.... when tested side by side, I instantly bonded with this lovely Lendrum. (You know, it's a bit of a tradition that you name your spinning wheel....I haven't shared that with the family yet. They already question my sanity at this point.)I had a bit of the orange roving left, so I quickly spun it up and plied it. I have so much to learn, but all in all, I am pretty pleased with the outcome. I think the little bit of spindle spinning that I did really taught me a great deal about how the fibers behave.I haven't sett the twist yet, or measured it, but I think it might be a dk weight. I certainly have tons and tons to learn, but I think it will be an enjoyable journey.......

On the knitting front, yesterday I decided that it would be a good idea to knit a pair of bulky woolen mittens. (93degrees in Iowa - Great idea, no??) I have one "Bella" mitten done, out of Lamb's Pride Bulky. Photos soon. It's a fun pattern, and certainly will be warm mittens. They come nearly to my elbow!!! It's been a popular project in my TNKG, and you know...we are all just a bunch of sheep.....following along.

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Anonymous said...

I found your blogspot via a google search. I am trying to make a decision between a Sonata and a Lendrum Folding. I love the old world look of the Sonata and crave the efficency of the Lendrum. I've tried both wheels and I'm still undecided. What were the other reasons you went with Lendrum?