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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

New game in town....

We had a very hard winter last season, and quite a few flowers were killed. I lost 3 roses. And my dark purple clematis, nearly 30 yrs old and usually up to the rooftop, is 90% gone. I can hear my grandma's words when many years ago she warned me against cutting Clematis plants back each year. "Only old wood blooms". As the part of the plant that lived is a new shoot, she was right. No purple blooms this year! This is a lovely dark burgundy Clematis. This plant is only a few years old, but she is claiming all the attention this year. I love the color, even if the plant is not as majestic as my older purple lady. Hopefully they will both be lovely next summer.

Each Monday it is a new adventure for grandma, learning what BG can do now, that he could not do on Friday. This week was a REAL challenge. I spent most of Monday's free time "baby-proofing" my knitting/computer room. Here is (was) part of my knitting library. (Magazines stuffed in the bottom too tight to retrieve - as a weight for the shelf unit). And, it didn't take him long at all to show me where little fingers can go. I soon realized that my work in this room is not quite done yet! Not a lot of remorse there, either! Sigh.... Such a little stinker!On the knitting front, I won't bore you with yet MORE CIC sock photos. I am working on my 10th pair. I thought I would do CIC socks till my yarn order arrived, but not sure about that. A gal can only knit so many little socks without going totally batty! At least I am depleting my stash of WW wools a bit. Oh - and hopefully doing a good deed at the same time. Needless to say they are a mindless project, and I feel quite mindless right about now. So....perhaps I should continue knitting CIC socks for a good long time......

My contact dermatitis is still with me, but getting a bit better each day. Seems no matter what is done, time is pretty much needed to recover fully. Anithistamines help, but there is just no magic cure.

I have been spending much too much time on the internet exploring spinning sites, and watching videos of such. Hopefully (if it doesn't get flooded out again this year) we will have our local sheep and wool festival in a week or so. I have signed up for a spinning class. Perhaps my enthusiasm will be less acute after 3 hours of humbling reality....... Or, I may just feel more challenged...... Just ask BG.... sometimes this 'ole girl likes a challenge!

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