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Saturday, July 18, 2009

"Get over it"

That's what I need to do....get over my need to match stripes. Either that or I need an intense course in handspun color management.

I think I will just be content with these being fraternal socks. (Actually probably adopted from different genetic pools.) I know, as the spinner, you have a certain amount of control over how the colors fall.....I have books coming. But, as of right now, I will be satisfied that I managed to spin a fairly adequate sock yarn, and just, well, "be happy"!

I recently used this pattern to knit my mom a pair of footies. (She loved them, btw, and has already asked for more. Now she wants a pink pair and a blue pair.) I also knit myself a pair, and have worn them pretty non-stop since I completed them. I am very happy to have this new pair, so I can finally give them a rest.

It's "Footies" by Louise M. A ravelry pattern. For this pair, I dropped the stitch count down to 56, to compensate for the slightly thicker yarn. I used a size 2mm dpn on the cuff, and a 2.25 on the rest of the sock. Came out perfectly! (Well, except for that color thing......).

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