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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Coming right along.....

is the shawl that I am knitting out of the blue/green fingering weight handspun. I am using the "Show your colors Shawl" pattern from Spunky Electric. (Ravelry link). It's supposed to be straight across the top, but will need blocked to attain that shape. I like it. It's sort of rustic and a country type of shawl. Suits me better than a pretty lacy, fancy one. I like how the color changes are developing. There are several panels of simple eyelet lace, not sure if you can see them in the photo. I am using size 4 needles. It should be finished in a couple of days.
Yesterday, I took a break from the shawl, and spun this roving, dyed by Erica of Dreams in Fiber. It's superwash Merino, and very soft and squishy!
I tried to spin a little thicker, as seems a sport or even fingering weight is what I naturally spin. I was aiming for a worsted weight. It always amazes me what the yarn looks like. I wonder if I will ever be able to look at a roving and get an idea??I came close to worsted weight. I think it's probably a heavy worsted weight. I think I will make a cowl out of it. Being consistent and achieving the desired thickness are still goals that are being somewhat elusive to me. But, I know it takes time and practice. Eventually I want to spin natural oatmeal colored wool - enough to maky myself a sweater....eventually! Right now, I love playing around with all these colors, but you know I am really a "basic oatmeal" kinda gal. vbg.

The Iowa State Fair starts this coming week. It's kind of a big deal around here. Along with marking the end of summer, it is oozing with tradition and childhood memories. Much to my delight, my sister who lives in Idaho is coming back for a visit during the fair week. I so hope that we will all be able to go!!! Hope we can take mom too. I think she would enjoy it! Perhaps BG and I will go out on another day....just the two of us. I took my son, JC, when he was stroller-sized. It is a very fond memory for me. I bet BG and I could have a great time too! I wonder what new things he will be able to do when he gets here in the morning.........

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