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Monday, August 03, 2009

How time flies.....

Where have the last 10 days gone? Sorry - I have been missing in action, but I have not been idle.
I finished up these three sets of hats/mittens for CIC's current drive. I am not sure what size child they will fit, but hopefully someone can wear them. They are all made out of sock yarn - scrap yarn....double stranded. I hope to make a couple additional sets before the end of the challenge, which I think is the end of September.

I am currently working on a pair of gloves knit out of the handspun that made the feather and fan scarf. I am "winging" the pattern as I go, and hoping for the best. They will be plain gloves, although I gave some thought to putting a F/F design on the back of the hand. But - pattern writer - designer, I am not. These will be simple gloves.

On the spinning front, the blue and green rovings in the previous post, spun up into these singles
I decided to just do a 2-ply as the 3rd single had a bit of mohair in it, and was not as soft as these were. The two plied up into almost 800 yards of a very serviceable yarn. I think it would be considered fingering weight. It's a little more uniform than my last attempt. I think I am getting better....hopefully so! (Opps...I forgot the dime for size comparison)I have it wound up this morning (I love my jumbo winder...8oz is a good deal of yarn), and I think I will make a very plain-jane, non lacy shawl out of it. I always say that I am not a "shawl person", but a month ago, I wasn't a spinner either. There should be some subtle striping, and I think a shawl would showcase that very well. I so love knitting with handspun, that I can't NOT knit this up into something?? I am open to other ideas if anyone has suggestions.

Today is Monday, so I had to assess BG's development this morning.....what had he learned over the weekend. Last Monday, he had developed speed in his walking technique. And today...he is climbing!!!! Yikes!! He has already perfected the art of tossing food to the floor.....much to Sofee's delight! This kid might not be so bad after all, huh Sof? :)

Till later....enjoy life. Hopefully I'll be back before another 10 days has passed. Hmmm....wonder if this fast walking and new found climbing could have anything to do with my lack of blogging??? One would wonder....... (Sorry - no complaints from this Grandma!)

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