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Thursday, September 24, 2009

At this moment.....

This hat is actually on it's way to Wisconsin, (eventually to Romania) as I write this. BG and I made a trek to the post office this morning. Errands are such fun with this little guy. He seems to have a friend at each of our routine haunts....and he always seems to remember them, and they him. (Never in a million years would I have ever expected grandkids to be so much fun!) The hat is The Journey Hat (Ravelry link). I thought the name was appropriate. The yarn is some of my handspun, doubled actually, for twice the warmth and cushiness. It was a very fun and well written pattern, one that I would highly recommend. Free too! Can't beat that!
This is my latest handspun sock yarn. As I write this, it is actually hanging out to dry. I hope to wind it tomorrow. (I have plans.) It is BFL -- soft and squishy. Since there's no nylon in it, I am not sure how well it will wear, but then..... all the more reason to spin and knit more if they don't last, right?? This particular Etsy dyer (Zarsuellasfibers) had sock yarn that was divided up into two separate rovings. One was painted (to stripe) and the other was a matching solid color. The idea is when you ply them together, it should have subtle stripes. We'll see what I get when I start knitting them up........ The spinning itself went pretty well. I have 570 yards to play with.

I also started a sweater a few days ago. I have had a sizable stash of Noro worsted weight yarn in my stash for quite a long time. It has been calling my name of late, so thought I would let a few skeins out of the plastic bin. It's one of the Noro yarns with angora and silk in it. Soft and nice. I am making a very basic, easy, plain jane v-neck, top down, raglan sweater. Photos eventually, I hope.

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