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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Nope, not another charity hat.....

Yep, a Christmas stocking! This is the kit that I bought last year, originally for BG. But, it was just not "fun" enough for a little tike. So, I decided to knit it up, as I had nothing else on the needles, and I was feeling guilty for not using the kit. It was somewhat pricey, and guess guilt got the best of me.

This is one of the "Judy's Colors" stocking. Most all of which are gorgeous, IMO. I did manage to get it on sale last year, so if you are interested, check out WEBS during their next broad spectrum sale. But move fast, as they sell out quickly.

When I started knitting it, I had no idea what I would actually do with it, since giving it to BG is no longer an option. But, now that it is finished, I believe it will go to my son. It's ok for a 32 yr old. He will not be coming "home" this Christmas, so I think I will pack this up with gifts, thread a ribbon through the top as a closure and ask him to hang it up and open on Christmas morning. This puppy is big! It measures 24" from base of hanger to tip of toe.

It was a very nice kit, making for a nice knitting experience. The yarn is Rauman Strikkegarn, a DK weight 100% wool yarn. I think it is popular for Scandinavian color work, and have often wondered what it was like to work with. It is a wonderful yarn, although not terribly soft.

So...that's the latest FO. Now, better get back to charity items, as I need to mail the box off next week. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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