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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Home, until next time.....

I am finally getting caught up with laundry. How do two people and one tiny little dog make such huge mounds of laundry during a relatively short vacation trip? We have just returned from a trip to Colorado - Rocky Mtn National Park to be exact. We stayed in Estes Park, and Grand Lake. Had a great time! Sofee got to go, as it was just too much of a worry leaving her at home with my daughter, as we have in the past. Between her "attitude" with BG, and her allergies, well....taking her was the best option. She was quite pleased with that decision, actually.
These Mtn Goats were the first creatures to welcome us, but far from the last. We saw tons of elk, these ladies,
and of course the guys....with all their fall-time bugle-ing and such! Mule deer were quite often seen also, as was this one, very near the roadside. I wish I could tell you that this is where we saw the moose, but alas, there was no moose for our eyes to behold. :( Much to DH's dismay!

We lived in Colorado back in the early 70's, so it's always been a favorite place for us to return to. Although the cities have grown immensely, the mountains themselves are always as beautiful as we remember.
The aspen were gorgeous with their bright orange and gold brilliance!
We were disappointed to see all the Lodgepole pines on the Western Slopes that were dead.
I suppose the beetle that is killing pine tree is to blame. The Ponderosa on the Eastern slope did not seem quite as badly affected. It was sad!The mountain streams, complete with their bubbly songs, were totally as remembered. It was a good trip! I hope we walk this route again some day........

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