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Monday, September 14, 2009

This n that....

OK, so it's been awhile. Not even going to talk about it, (Blogger hangs head in shame!)

Fall is on it's way here in the Midwest, although with these current 80+ degree days, it makes a person wonder. (And one small dog who is anxiously waiting for the first hard freeze to occur!)

As usual, a trip to the orchard was in store for us. I expected no bargains this early in the year, but they did have a "buy one, get one free offer". It was for a variety that I was not familiar with "Paula Reds", but we could not pass of such a good offer. I cooked up a batch of applesauce last evening, and "Paula Reds" are much on the approved list. BG enjoyed some for his breakfast, and grandpa took some for his lunch. (Notice those old antique bowls? I'll save that for another post).

When (if) cold weather ever does get here, my hands will be ready! I finished the glittens, knit with my handspun wools. I obviously changed my original pattern quite a bit. I didn't do color stranding work on the mitten part, as the yarn was just too heavy, and they were coming out too bulky. So all of the numbers changed for stitch counts, and it was a knit and fit project. Needless to say, the 2nd glitten was much easier to complete. I am sure I will wear the dickens out of these, and feel sure they will be very warm and utilitarian.

And thinking even farther down the season slope, Christmas will be here before you know it! Yes...it usually sneaks up on me. So..... This fun little stocking kit was delivered last week. It's sequins and beads, and should make an impression on a little boy I know! Grandma will be making 2 stockings this year. The Santa will stay at my house, and the teddy/snowman is the one mama picked out for their house. I haven't made felt projects like these since my kids were little. I remember a set of ornaments that I made for them. Very child friendly. Perhaps if I have time, I'll made some ornaments that BG can call his own. Not sure how this tree thing will work this year. We may have to suspend it from the ceiling...out of reach! He'll be 18 months old then. Oh dear!!

On the spinning front, I have spun my first real "sock yarn". It's a superwash merino/bamboo/nylon blend. Colorway is "Cactus Flats" from St.Seraphina Knits, an Etsy vendor. It is super soft!It was one of the very first rovings I ever bought, but I was afraid to touch it until now, for fear I would totally mess it up. It's a decent fingering weight, with over 450 yards. I should be able to get a nice pair of socks out of it. For me :) I started spinning some alpaca last night. Not too sure I am going to enjoy working with that. We'll see.....

Currently on my needles is a charity hat.I found a pattern on Raverly "The Foolish Woolish hat" which uses left-overs of sock yarn. I am always interested in trying to depleat the remanent tote, so thought I would give it a try. You make a cabled band first, and then pickup the stitches and knit the hat part. It's done using 2 strands of sock yarn, and you change colors as needed. I couldn't get the chart to work out, so I did my own thing. Perhaps it was just me, but somehow it just wasn't working correctly. There were excellent photos in the pattern, so I basically used the photos as the chart. I love that name...."Foolish Woolish hat"!

Notice that project bag? Cute, huh?? It is a book bag, actually, that caught my eye at Barnes and Noble the other day. (I really needed another project bag!!NOT) Even more than the bag, I like the little pencil case that matched. It has two zippers in it, and actually unsnaps to make a flat bag too. Such an ingenious design, I thought!

So - that's what I've been up to lately. That and the normal daily routine. My life spins around and I just try to hang on.....and be grateful! Oh - and speaking of Christmas again. My camera is giving me problems, so please bear with the less than great photos. I am hoping that Santa (aka dh) gets me a new camera for Christmas. Not sure this one will last that long.....not sure what the problem is, but not it's normal self. Take care..... (if anyone is still stopping by that is)

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