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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blustery days......

It's been 10 days since my last post. Not that I have not tried..... It's been that long since we have had a sunny day, allowing for decent photo taking. (Well, perhaps not really decent, but the best that I can do).

It's been cloudy, damp, drizzly, windy, a very "Blustery" 10 days, as Winnie the Pooh would say. Today is a bit of sun and warmer weather, so I ran outside, camera and fibery things in tow. I swear my neighbors must wonder about my sanity......Sofee has been sleeping thru the cooler temps - grateful for a hard frost, but still not totally allergy free. It seems to take a few weeks before she is comfortable. I am going to give her a bath today, and allow her to shed the long sleeved sweater. Hopefully her chewing will be greatly reduced....soon to be gone totally (till next mid August. sigh....).

So, on the spinning and knitting fronts: I finished these socks out of the Merino/Bamboo/Nylon roving. So soft and squishy. They are superwash. I hope they wear well, as I certainly do enjoy wearing them. Their mis-matched appearance doesn't bother me in the least. These were knit on 2.25mm Knitpicks wooden DPNS, my own vanilla pattern.

And to fulfill my "matching" need, these are currently in process. Opal yarn, 72 st, 2.25mm, "Snowboarding" socks. Pattern of my own making to fit my son last winter. I really enjoy knitting with Opal yarn. Wearing too, actually. I know there are much more luxurious sock yarns available out there, but I challenge anyone to find a more durable, long wearing one. They stand up to the test of time...washing, drying, all sorts of abuse so well. These will go into the Christmas box heading his way this year. He won't be home this year..... :( Yes, they do grow up and fly away.......

This is 250 yards of Superwash BFL (4.6oz roving). I think it may become a hat and fingerless mitts to match. Hopefully there is enough. Perhaps I will use the Jarod Flood "Square to round" cap pattern. That may not be the name, but close. It has been drawn to my attention that all of my handspuns are in the same color family. Hmmm.... perhaps that is correct. This particular skein has dark browns and greys in it also. It looks very Manly to me. It might eventually be inside that Christmas box flying off to my son also. We'll see. These skeins are Merino/Bamboo/Nylon sock yarn. Each skein is a little over 225 yards, so totally I got about 450 yards out of a 4oz roving. It's N-ply, which is basically a 3 ply yarn. I am very happy that I got that much yardage. I should make a more elaborate sock out of this yarn, since it's "solid", but you know me and my plain vanilla socks! I am trying to talk myself into a Cookie A pattern, or at the very least a Nancy Bush. It's a nice fingering weight. You can see there is still some variation in weight, and perhaps it is enough that an "artsy" sock pattern would not work out. Hmmm....that might be my excuse!

During this last week, DH was on vacation. Yes, the "Blustery" week....not fit for man to be outside. Grandpa and BG spent a great deal of time together. We did hit the library for another "Baby Book" time, and a trip to Great Grandma's house. We also stopped by the orchard and picked out the perfect pumpkin (about 4" in diameter! lol) Grandpa is a pretty nice diversion around here. BG's going to be quite disappointed when he comes tomorrow and finds only Grandma and Sofee here! He's teething....he has 4 molars all trying to poke thru at the same time...OUCH! Hope he's feeling better this week. Oh...and I've been warned. The "Little Dude" can now shimmy up on the couch! YIKES! "Watch out grandma...."

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