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Friday, October 23, 2009

What's new, and not so....

It's news (if not new) that today is my "baby's" 30th birthday! WOW! BG's momma. Where have all those years gone??? It's amazing that she has managed to get older, while I have stayed the same...... :) Happy Birthday, Anna!

The weather, nothing new with that. We have had wind, rain, and a damp cold for the last couple of days. When I recently mentioned how beautiful our red maple tree was, Shirley suggested a photo on my blog. Guess it's a little late for that! Perhaps next year. Sigh.....This book is new! And has tons of new information for me to devour. The different breeds of sheep, and the wool they produce is a vast new world for me to explore. This book will give a good base of information, along with some very nice patterns. It's a great companion book to her "Book of Yarn" that I have enjoyed owning for several years. This lovely brown roving is new too. Fresh out of the mailbox! Actually, there are 3 of them, waiting for my attention. Hmmm....not sure what they will become, but I know it will be soft, squishy, and brown! LOL The colorway is "River Stones" and the Etsy vendor is Greenwood Fiberworks. It's merino. I don't need the book to tell me that Merino is soft!! This is my newly finished project(s). Maine Morning Mitts and Turn a Square out of the handspun that was featured in my previous post. The mitts stretch to fit normal sized hands...guess I need mitt-blockers for photo shoots. Those of you familiar with Jarod Flood's hat pattern know that it is to be knit with two yarns, one solid and one striping. This yarn did it's own color movement, and I really like the crown decreases in the pattern. This set will probably make it's way to my son. Probably.....

And new on my wheelis this Merino/Tencel 50/50 blend in the "Cinnamon Buns" colorway. (Again from Greenwood Fiberworks.) I am spinning it to a fingering weight. It is very soft, and should be very drapey and fluid. I presume that the tencel would disallow a good blocking, as does bamboo. So, I am pondering what I will do with 4oz of this yarn. The color and feel is just luscious. Socks are out. Perhaps a neck cowl, a scarf, ??? Something lacy would be lovey, but I don't think it would hold the lace shaping. Or.... I could be wrong. Anyone with Tencel experience out there?

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