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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Projects, of fiber and little boy variety.

The knitting project that I worked on while on vacation was a pair of "plain jane" socks. I really like how they turned out, and they will forever remind me of our Colorado trip of 2009. They are the first full length socks that I knit from handspun. They are BFL, which is nearly as soft as Merino wool. I still wish the color was a bit more brown and less pinkish, but I am happy with them, none the less. These are 68 st on 2.25 Pony Pearl DPNS - 2x2 ribbing. Totally the most basic sock you can get, but I find the most wearable - for me. I am nearing completion on another pair. These are knit out of a Merino/Bamboo/Nylon blend. Again, my own "vanilla" pattern, this time a 6/1 ribbing. 66 st. on a 2.5mm DPNS. Handspun yarn. Superwash, and so soft and squishy. I LOVE this particular fiber.

So much so, that I got these in the mail today:Two more rovings of the same fiber content. The Etsy vendor is St. Seraphina Knits. She even has an October special going on right now.....free shipping! I never can resist those two words! Not "my colors" but I love spinning with this fiber so much....they will be gifted probably. The bamboo does not take up the colors, so 30% of the fibers will be silvery white in color. The brightness will be toned down significantly as it is spun.

I am ordering a carry bag for my spinning wheel. I get to pick out the fabric, and then a lady that I found on Raverly will be sewing it up for me. I have had no need to transport my wheel since purchasing it in June, but hopefully that will be changing this winter. There are a few functions that I may attend - wheel in tow. I'll post photos and vendor info when I get the bag. Hopefully in a few weeks. I am excited!

BG and I attended our first "Toddler Story time" at the library yesterday. Great fun! It's so much fun to see him in a new setting - watching how he reacts - how he is becoming his own little person - how he is developing his own sense of himself- and sense of independence . FUN!! It's a weekly event for the next few weeks. Hopefully the librarian appreciates his independent nature too. LOL! (I plugged the tape player back in as quickly as I could - almost before she realized he had unplugged it!)

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