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Friday, October 30, 2009

It's the process....right?

I have always said I was a process knitter. So....if the end product is a failure, that's ok, right? Yeah - I'll work on that!

My smoke ring was completed last night during my knitting group session. After completion, we all had a good laugh. Guess this really isn't a "midwestern" look. I laughed too..... hmmm...yeah, really I did. It seemed like the perfect project for this lovely Merino/Tencel yarn. And actually, on a European trip a couple of years ago, a member of our tour group wore a beautiful Quivat Smoke Ring that I thought was gorgeous.....and practical. But, guess I need to re-think the use of this yarn. I could keep it as such, and plan to wear it as a cowl. But....since it was intended as a gift, and since I don't want the receiver to think I have flipped my lid (which is obviously what my fellow knitting group-members thought) well, the warm fuzzy glow for this project is gone. Either it will be tossed in the dead project box, or frogged. It used only a smidgen over half of my yardage, so I could knit a nice (safe) scarf out of it, and frog this to reuse the yarn when needed. Sigh.....

In the meantime, I think I'll knit a pair of socks. Probably plain jane, as I crawl back into my box.

It's the process.....right?

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