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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

There's big and then there's BIG

"Yes, Grandma, we all know that I have a big head, but....."
"This is a tad bit ridiculous!"
"Ahhhh.... Much better!"

Yes....I DID check my gauge. Just didn't worry about my row gauge. I guess that's what I get knitting for him over the weekend.....I need to try it on as I go. The first one was a test run anyway, as I wanted to do the Norwegian Star out of handspun, so you will notice the BIG one has a solid star. Main color on both are Cascade 220. The pattern is available on Raverly "Norwegian Star Earflap Hat" by tiennie. When I post on my project page, I will list the modifications I made. There are (obviously) quite a few. The Merino/Tencel is spun, and dried. It lies in waiting...... I just need to find a worthy project for it. It's 434 yards of fingering weight, 2ply. Dave, aka Criminy Jickets, was very helpful in assuring me that the tencel would not prohibit a nice blocking. So, something lacy is an option too. I am considering a smoke ring. It has a mauve coloration, with a few peachy tones too. Very pretty. Not sure the photo does it justice.

I leave you with a list of new things.....BG did all these for the 1st time today.
1. Climbed out of the bathtub on his own...I found him standing on the edge of the tub. I never leave the room while he is in the tub, but I had turned my back for a split second.
2. Figured out how to unlock Sofee's kennel....and discovered how much fun it was for him to drag his Eyeore in there and have a private clubhouse!
3. Managed to climb up on Grandpa's recliner....thereby accessing Grandpa's reading lamp. One of the more fun lamps with which to play.

Seems like there were several other new things he did today.....but this grandma is just too tired to remember them!! Not a wonder...... LOL!

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