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Monday, November 02, 2009

On Safer Turf......

After much ado.... I finally settled on a pattern for my socks. I call these "PlainJane in Patchwork". There is some minor color variation in the yarn - actually more noticeable in this photo than in real life. It's basically a solid seafoam/sage green. This pattern fills my need for a close-knit sock, while giving a little pizzazz - without driving me nuts with twisted/traveling stitches and demanding all of my attention. I considered the merits of a toe-up sock, as I was not quite sure of the yardage on this handspun sockyarn. But...cuff down it was, and plenty of yarn remains in the first 50gm skein. This is a pattern by Erica, of DreamsInFiber fame. She has quite a few very nice patterns....they appeal to the "practical" side of me. I have another roving of this same fiber blend, but a different color. I may tap into her pattern stash again. (Thanks Erica!) After I finish sock #2, I may do some charity mittens. My local "Curves" has a mitten/hat drive on for the holidays. Good cause!

This weekend (I usually spin on the weekends....those familiar with 16 month olds need no explanation of that practice) this roving, a Falkland roving by "Allspunup" (Etsy vendor), became this yarn:It's not quite as soft as Merino, but close. I love the subtle color variations. I can see it knit up with a solid color....in colorwork. It's a worsted weight, perhaps on the heavy side. I am not good at determining the weight of my handspun yarns. So many things to learn....... One thing I recently learned is that there are such things as SAL (yes....Spin-A-Longs). I joined my first one! Everyone involved has the same roving, and photos are posted after being spun. It will be really fun seeing the variations of final products....dependent on spinning and prep of fiber. Oh...and when you join, it's sight unseen. So I am hoping that the colorway is NOT purple/chartreuse/ or...you get the picture. :) But if it is...I can deal!

I have been a little worried about Sofee, as even though we have had a hard frost, she remains uncomfortable with her allergies. Each fall I worry that indeed it will not leave her. She was so uncomfortable this year....Colorado was not her friend! But, when I talked to the Veterinarian's office today to schedule her yearly checkup later this month, the gal assured me that dogs were still suffering with allergies. The weather has not changed enough to give them much relief. So...it's not just Sofee! I am so relieved! She has exhibited concern over ownership of her kennel. (You will remember that BG was crawling into it). Sofee has never spent much time in it, but now seems to like it quite a bit! vbg. So...it's off limits to BG! He is not allowed to infiltrate Herky's kennel at home......so. Wish me luck! He's old enough to understand "no".... just hope this grandma is strong enough to enforce it.

And last - thanks to all of you who gave support regarding the smoke ring fiasco. (actually I heard from a few new folks....so that was nice!) I think mainly, the problem was just the style that caused the giggles to flow. A good belly laugh is worth sacrificing a finished project - occasionally! It still remains....but will probably be frogged. The yarn is just too nice to waste.

Talk to you all later. Please - feel free to leave a comment. I really enjoy hearing from you....

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