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Sunday, November 08, 2009


That's what I am having with my camera of late! Guess I need to start thinking about a replacement. GRRRRR!!! I am not a good photographer on a good day, but with an unruly camera....I am hopeless! So...please fogive that none of these photos are very good. Sorry!My Patchwork socks are completed. The pattern is one of Erica's, and can be found on her blog. Check out the others too, while you are there! These are knit on 2.25mm Harmony DPNs. It's my handspun merino/bamboo blend. They are soft and squishy!

My current project is charity mittens. I work out at Curves, and the mitten/hat drive for the holidays has started. I much prefer mittens, so here is the first pair. They are knit using a double strand of fingering weight yarn. Both are actually my handspun yarns. It amazes me....I so feared that I would not have enough yarn for my socks, let alone extra for mittens!

I spent some time this morning sorting thru my sock yarn remnants, grouping suitable colors. I easily have enough for 10 pair. That's using only superwash sock yarns. These will stay locally, so I need machine washable yarns. I am using the pattern "No Swatch, No Gauge Mittens" designed specifically for charity knitting. I'ts my favorite kid's mitten pattern.

My rovings for the AllSpunUp SAL arrived yesterday. At first I didn't like it.....not my colors....but it's growing on me. It's good that I am pushed out of my comfort zone from time to time. Exactly one reason why I joined the group. I ordered 2 braids, 8oz total. I will probably wait and see what others do with it before starting on my own. I hope to learn by being a member of this group. Watch and learn will be my mantra.
Speaking of comfort zone. Another Merino/Bamboo braid. This will be destined for socks. Totally comfortable! :)

(If I manage to get better photos with my husband's camera, I'll be back with replacement photos. Sigh.....)

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