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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Oh My!!!

"Grandma, look what the postman left for us! "
"What do you suppose it can be, Grandma?""It has these extra little bags....that match, Grandma!"
"And it has all these pockets inside!"
"And, I can fit all the way inside, Grandma!""Oh Grandma, I think I love it! How about you?"

Yes Little dude, I Love it too! Obviously, my spinning wheel bag came today. I am thrilled, to say the least. I think it's beautiful.....! The fabric I chose was a double faced quilted fabric. I asked Lauren to use it however she so desired. She did a beautiful job. The workmanship on the bag is superb. I can't wait to use it.....(to show it off is more like it!) Here is the front. It has a large (double) open pocket across the top, and a zippered (flapped) pocket about half way down the bag. I have the pocket partially unzipped in this photo. (Notice how well the fabric design matches up). There is a large interior pocket too.This is the back. It has 2 looped handles on top to carry it by, or you can use the padded shoulder straps to carry it on your back. There are loops on the sides to anchor to a belt if so desired.
Here it is, with my folded wheel inside. It easily slides inside, with plenty of room for supplies. A separate matching bag holds the mother of all, flyer, bobbins, etc. I expected a solid color lining. Instead, she was able to use another layer of my quilted fabric, the reverse side out. She used this part of the fabric on the sides, shoulder straps, etc. Very creative! Did I mention how thrilled I am??? vbg

I discovered Lauren on (where else??) Ravelry. Apparently she became a Lendrum wheel owner in June (about the same time as I did) and made a bag for her wheel. Since then, she has been making them for others. You can find her in the "Cult of Lendrum" Ravelry group. Look for a "Custom made Lendrum carry bag" thread. Lauren, if you are reading this...thanks so much! (again)

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