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Friday, January 01, 2010

A New Year.....wow!

Wow is right! What happened to the Old Year? Where did it go?..... and the one before that.....and the one before THAT one? 2010! And it seems like only yesterday that the dreaded "New Millennium" was coming, complete with the suspected computer melt-down gloom. Ha! Ten years! I believe there is a direct correlation between age and the speed of passing years.

So, now I worry not about computer systems melting....instead I knit, spin, and try to enjoy the days as they speed by. Perhaps in the next 10 years someone will figure out how to slow down time.....but, I sort of doubt it.

The last project of 2009 is a pair of socks....Socks in Waiting. They will be waiting for a little boy to grow into them. I had half a skein of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn that I wanted to use up. So, found a pattern "Most Basic Kid's Socks by Eveylyn Skae". I had downloaded it at some point, but I actually think it was pre-Raverly. (Yes....there was life before Raverly.) The pattern states that it's for a 2-4 yr old. That seems about right. So, these will wait for little feet to grow a bit.

This is the yarn (two separate skeins just twisted together for the photo) that I spun out of the FatCat rovings....the fiber club December selection:In their prospective ball they look like this:And in the process of being knit the first project of 2010, they look like this:I am using the Noro Striped scarf pattern that everyone was making a couple of years ago. Courtesy of Jarod Flood/Brooklyn Tweed. It's 1x1 ribbing, alternating the two balls of yarn. It's a totally different look than the original due to short color bursts rather than the long color migration that is achieved when using Noro yarns, but I still like it very much. These are some of my favorite colors - deep, Earthy colors. Very much my comfort zone.

So....I hope 2010 is good to all of us. I hope that whatever each of us needs/wants in the new year, be it new employment, better health, new knitting needles, or another grandchild..... well, my hope is that 2010 is good to all of us. Take care..... ;)

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