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Tuesday, January 05, 2010


It's cold. As in bone chattering, teeth clinching cold! I am having a heck of a time trying to capture the colors in this scarf, so I thought I'd try an outdoor shot. Sorry folks, imagine prettier colors - I decided my finger tips were too important to risk it. It's finished, and officially my first FO of 2010. Guess I will have to make a new tab in Ravelry. "2010". What will we ever do if Ravelry ever disappears. My initial intent was to keep my reliance at a minimum, but I have failed with that. I rely on it for all my project deatails. Probably not smart on my part...... I think the colors are more accurate in this photo. Neither really does it justice.

During this cold spell, I have revisited the whole idea of shawls also. Yesterday, I actually wore this one around the house. BG thought it was quite interesting. Another "strange grandma" thing for him to giggle about. I thought it was interesting when I closely examined the yarn. It was one of my first handspun projects, and I must admit my spinning has improved since then. Thankfully so!

This morning I cast on a pair of fingerless mitts for DH. He runs cold, due to the meds that he is on. Last night he brightened up considerably when I asked him if he would like a pair of mitts to wear while reading. So....I may be frogging them tonight when he's home to try them on, but so far so good. I am using some handspun merino from my stash. In Manly colors of course. vbg.

Hope everyone can stay warm in their prospective parts of the world. Soon enough it will be August, and I'll be complaining about the heat and Sofee's allergies. So, I better just appreciate this while it lasts. I'll work on that......

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