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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter warmth

We are having a heat wave now!! It's 22 degrees, with a forecast of 33 degrees on Thursday of this week! WOW.....perhaps the worst of winter is over. Perhaps.....

But, in any case, DH's hands will be warm and toasty as he reads in the evenings (or till he falls asleep in his recliner, which is really more like it. ;)These were knit from a Merino handspun, out of my stash. The pattern is from Raverly, one which I have used numerous times actually. Each time I modify it quite a lot. These have extra long cuffs, and they were made much larger to fit the husband's huge hands. They are quite odd looking when at rest, but fit his hands quite nicely. He seems to really like them. :)

After completing the fingerless mitts and another pair of mittens, I allowed myself to get back to my spinning wheel. (The other mittens will wait for the next post, as I forgot to photograph them.)

Back in December, I joined the Crown Mountain Farms Fiber club. It was somewhat unique in that it ran for 12 months, each month presenting a different type/breed of wool. You could pick and choose which months you wanted to participate in, and even pick the color or go for the surprise colorway.

So, the fiber for January was Falkland. I have spun Falkland several times and find it to be one of my favorite wools. It's pleasant to spin, takes color nicely, and produces a nice soft, fluffy yarn.
So, this is the fiber that I received a couple of weeks ago. I chose the colorway "Andromeda". Much to my surprise it spun up into a very nice, sedate, rusty brown. I am not sure what I was expecting, but this isn't it. But I love it!Totally "me" albeit not very exciting. I spun it as a traditional 3-ply worsted weight. Yes, I am actually able to control that - at least most of the time now. Finally! It totals 226 yards. 4 oz. Not at all sure of what it will become, but for now I am just happy looking at it.

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