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Monday, January 18, 2010

Fiber in waiting.....

Well, the hats are both done now....and I am hoping they will not be needed this winter. Our warm up continues. Snow is nasty, dirty, and melting a bit more each day. Each morning it has been foggy and frosty. Trees shimmer with new frost. Something to do with all of the humidity, but quite lovely actually.

Here are the braids of the Wensleydale fiber that I mentioned in my last post. Color name is "Blaze". Quite fitting, I think. She said when all the braids were hanging in her house drying, it looked like a blaze of fire. Others think of Autumn Blaze. I prefer the latter. It is a "longwool" breed. The fibers in these braids are up to 12 inches in length! I need an entirely new spinning technique to handle that. Wish me luck! This is a braid that I purchased from Erica, "DreamsInFiber" one of my TNKG members. It's a very soft Superwash Merino. Pretty much on the opposite end of the fiber spectrum from the Wensleydale. This will be pure joy to spin.

Speaking of our TNKG. We have just started our very first KAL. Kind of fun to see everyone work on the same project. It's an easy pattern, a seaman's scarf, but several of us are struggling....me included. And, unfortunately I may have led a few folks down the wrong path. Not sure what I am doing wrong, but I changed the instructions a bit, and apparently it wasn't really necessary. So....I hope they let me stay next Thursday night! I may do a KAL by myself.

This morning, I am about to ply the three bobbins-full that I have spun of this fiber. It's such lovely colors. I have totally enjoyed myself! I purchased these two braids of Corriedale fiber back in July when I was a total newbie. The colorway is "Coffeehouse". A perfect name! They were dyed by "Squoosh" an Etsey vendor, but actually sold by someone who had bought them and was trying to destash. Raverly has all sorts of opportunities.

Due to the holiday, BG will be home with mom today. Funny, by Friday afternoon I am usually exhausted and so ready for the weekend, and by Monday morning I am soooo looking forward to that little face. Three day weekends are mixed blessings. Nice that he gets time with mom, and nice that I can spin/ply/or whatever else I want to do. But....I wonder what HE's doing right now???

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