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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Winter woolies

We are in the middle of a warm up this week, so these may not be needed quite as much as a couple of weeks ago. But it may not be over yet, so just in case..... Perfect snow ball mittens. They are thick and squishy, with a snug "wind proof" cuff. I love them! Cindy, one of the TNKG members had a pair on a couple of weeks ago, and I just had to give the pattern a try. It's "Broken Rib Stitch Mittens" by Mountain Colors. I thought the instructions were a little confusing, but the end result is a wonderful winter mitten. The Yarn is handspun Falkland. And I have said quite often that I am not a hat wearer. Well, if there was ever a hat to change my mind, this would be it. Love the colors! The background is the most recent Falkland skein....I just love the rusty brown color, and all it's variations. The contrasting solids are 3 shades of natural brown wool that I spun a few months ago for a pair of glittens. The color shading is very subtle, but I like it. The pattern was a freebie from Ravelry, "Loopy Mardi Gras Hat by Lucky Find Salvage Company". (what a title!) It is just a tad bit snug on me though, so I think I will knit another version. I have adequate yardage and it was a very fast little project. This one will go in "the box". If not this winter, next it will find a good home.

The postman just brought me two Wensleydale braids. They are the January/Feb SAL fiber from AllSpunUp. Wensleydale is a longwool - literally. The fibers in these braids are supposed to be 11 inches or so long. Spinning this should be a totally new experience - one that I am not sure that I am up to. But....as soon as I get up the nerve, I'll give it a go. Photos will come eventually - but it's supposed to be a bit of a surprise till everyone gets there's. It's lovely though...I am very pleased!

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