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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

And the results are.....

I plied my way through "Dancing With The Stars" last night.  For some reason, I am just not feeling the love this season.  I really could care less......  But I do feel some happiness when I look at this skein of yarn:

Which was spun from this braid: 

IntoTheWhirled, sw BFL, "Mandarin" colorway.  A club fiber - inspired by a photo of a very colorful Mandarin duck. It is fun to see what a braid will spin into - I have such a hard time envisioning it.  I may knit some striped socks, or perhaps use this in a colorwork project.  We'll see.

Mother Nature is playing nasty again.  It's cold and rainy here, but other parts of Iowa have gotten hail and snow today.  The eagles were covered with snow early this morning, and when last I checked, the camera was completely buried in snow!!  I'm sure they will be ok, but mama didn't look too happy early this morning.

I heard on the radio that in 1977 there was one eagle's nest in Iowa.  This year there are over 300!  And one of those is famous! 


Monika said...

GORGEOUS yarn! Love, love, love it!
Eagles, what Eagles, what camera? Is there a link to enlighten me?

Dorothy said...

Beautiful yarn! I had see the eagle's nest, but hadn't paid much attention to the location. We have a next just across the street from us and I think they had three hatchlings this year. I've been watching two adults and three juveniles hunting over our yard. I never get tired of it!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful spinning as always. Good luck to the little baby eagles.

Judy S. said...

That's the second snow this week on those poor eagles. Looks to me like the babies don't fit reall comfortably under mom anymore either. Brrrrr!

Lynn said...

I LOVE that yarn!!!! And would never have seen it from the braid. The braid is nice but the yarn is better!